What is Rapid Transformational Therapy?

So, what is this Rapid Transformational therapy all about? Well, you’ll be relieved to know it is not woowoo, it’s actually science. The brain is amazing and complex, so for the sake of simplicity we will break it into its 3 main parts: the conscious, subconscious and unconscious mind.

Hypnosis and the Subconscious

Hypnosis itself is a natural state that happens to you on a daily basis, it’s a trans like state in which the subconscious is outwardly active. I’d like to call it ‘The Auto pilot’. For example: Have you ever been driving and you arrive at your destination having no idea how you got there? Your conscious mind was focusing on: what you are going to cook for dinner; the argument you had with your partner last night; the text message you read when you stopped at the lights and, oh my goodness I need to collect the dry cleaning, etcetera.

This is a form of hypnosis, when your subconscious mind actively takes over to help you out. It took care of the whole driving thing for you, while you were busy thinking about other things. Your subconscious mind holds way more information than your conscious mind and hypnosis enhances our access to it.

The unconscious

The unconscious mind is the vault in which everything we have ever learnt or experienced is kept. This is the programming that creates our reality. We don’t usually have access to our unconscious mind, given it’s ‘unconscious’. Yet, in it lies every memory and every belief we hold that we are now unaware of. The good news is that sometimes our unconscious mind will share information with the subconscious giving us access to it. And the really exciting part is, that in hypnosis the gateway between them is more open.

To understand it more easily let’s imagine the mind like a computer. Your conscious thoughts are right there on a desktop, they sit there on the main screen. Your subconscious thoughts you can get to, but you’ll have to dig into the files a little to find what you need. Your unconscious mind however is the programming way beneath the surface, it’s the deepest part of the operating system not accessible without the help of an expert who knows the shortcuts and how to get you into the system, and once you gain access you’ll again need the expert’s help to make beneficial changes.

Rapid Transformational Therapy: Access to your mind

The thing is, we update, reboot and upgrade the operating systems on our computers and devices all the time, but we don’t do this with the most important operating system we will ever use - Our Minds. Most of us are running our lives on inadequate, outdated, poorly functioning operating systems. Usually this system is created and hardwired in our childhood. The life we experience now is direct output from that old programming and even if we want to believe something else now, the outcomes are set and they become our reality.

When our computers and devices start to give us issues, and stop offering us desired results, we immediately look for ways to upgrade their systems. It’s crazy that we don’t do this with our minds?! How old are you today? How old and outdated might your programming be? Do you need some help to find the blocks and bugs in your old programming? You deserve the freedom you’ll find and I would love to help you discover it in a Rapid Transformational Therapy session.

Why Choose Us?

There are several reasons to pick PowowMind. Have a read of some of them below:


We create a safe and relaxed environment for every client; we listen, analyse and act upon your emotional needs.


We trained and certified by professionals to a high standard in order to help you with reoccurring issues.


We are mobile and international. We offer sessions in English and Russian via Skype; at your home if you are in London; or in a quiet treatment room conveniently located in Central London.

About PowowMind

PowowMind brings you access to Marisa Peer’s fast, unique method of hypnotherapy. Marisa’s Rapid Transformational Therapy has helped thousands of people around the world take control and overcome their issues. Marisa has treated celebrities, Olympic athletes and CEO’s. At PowowMind you too can benefit from RTT.

My name is Gulmira and I am the founder of PowowMind. I was inspired to become a Rapid Transformational Therapist after personally experiencing the life changing benefits of Marisa Peer’s RTT. I went to the Marisa Peer School to train in Rapid Transformational Therapy and Clinical Hypnotherapy. To find out more about my qualifications, please visit the page about me.


What our clients say


"I was nearly an alcohol addict when I realised that I can easily drink a bottle of champagne by myself. At PowowMind they helped me realise where and when the desire to drink was born. I couldn’t even imagine that it could have something to do with the issue. Three months on, and I am a happy social drinker without an urge to drink more than necessary.


"Everytime my daughter had to go through a vaccination I had a nervous breakdown. After one session of RTT she changed completely. Now she is over the fear of needles and reminds me when her next vaccination is. Thank you."


"I have felt over responsible most of my life for people who I don’t even know. I don’t know how, but in one session Gulmira found a reason, which obviously was in my past, and now I feel relaxed and prioritise myself and my family. Thank you! You changed my life!"


Admittedly, as a sceptic/non-believer, I didn’t have high expectations for my session, I couldn’t have been more wrong – just one hour with Gulmira was life-altering and I feel it very much complimented the CBT I was receiving for depression and sleep problems. She was also happy to resend my recording when I lost it at no extra cost


What can be more effective than this? My fear of animals has gone after one session and one week of listening to the cure! Now I can get myself a big dog. Thank you.


Many of us take hypnosis as something not grounded and not as effective as conventional medicine. I was amazed how my kid was transformed after one session. Since she was two years old she could not stand unflavoured water, she simply hated it. For the last 9 years, she has drunk only flavoured water, until the hypnotherapy session. Now she drinks 3-4 glasses of unflavoured water a day without complaining. I don’t know what’s happened in her brain, but it worked!

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