PowowMind is a combined forth of our mental, physical and spiritual bodies.

Before qualifying as a hypnotherapist I enjoyed a career in dentistry, journalism and tried other different fields. I loved working with people and I believe the empathy and communication I have learnt through my experience made me a better person and an excellent therapist.

I have experienced the pain of living with weight issues caused by bad eating habits. By applying self-hypnosis and training my mind In bad habits management, I quickly gained control over my thoughts and transformed into a happier, healthier and more confident woman.

After this wonderful results I decided to help people enjoy their power over their thoughts and behaviour. Driven by my motivation I enrolled to become a student of Marisa Peer and qualified in RTT.

My calling has led me to become a successful Hypnotherapist and a Functional Nutritionist practicing Functional Medicine and connecting the dots between our emotional, physical and spiritual bodies.

I combine science and esoteric, I enjoy witnessing my clients’ transformation, I
You can book a coaching session during which I’ll answer your questions and help you book a session.
Together we can transform your life, because you deserve to be happier, successful and have a better relationship with yourself and others.