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My name is Gulmira and I am the founder of PowowMind.

I was inspired to become a Rapid Transformational Therapist after personally experiencing the life changing benefits of Marisa Peer’s RTT.

 It helped me gain control over the food I eat. it helped me transform from codependency to independency and it helped me face my fears of judgement, rejection and failure.

I can help you discover the power within yourself. The power to take control and bring more balance into your life. I want to help you overcome issues, break addictions and become more confident. I feel it’s my duty to give something back.

Before qualifying as a hypnotherapist I enjoyed a career in dentistry, journalism and tried other different fields. I loved working with people and I believe the empathy and communication skills I learned throughout my life make me a better therapist.

I have experienced the pain of living with weight issues caused by sugar addiction. I overcame the issue thankfully to Marisa Peer’s Rapid Transformational Therapy. I quickly gained control over my sugar consumption and transformed into a happier, healthier and more confident woman.

After this wonderful result I had an awakening. I realised that my true calling in life was to help others fight issues which were causing pain and preventing them from happily living their best possible lives. Driven by this passion I enrolled to become a student of Marisa Peer and qualified in RTT.

My areas of special interest are weight control, phobias, confidence, anxiety, mental conditioning for medical procedures and mental health in corporations.
My calling has led me to become a successful hypnotherapist doing what I love and I am certified with the Complementary and Natural Health Care council.

However, there is something else I have used for 10 years to understand myself and others better: it’s called Numerology. When someone asks me: “What is my purpose?” “What stops me from getting there?” I ask them: “What is your date of birth?”
As a part of every session I analyse a date of birth of every client. I have been doing it for 10 years and find it very helpful.
I do this, because numbers can say a lot about your personality, about your strong and weak sides and those, that don’t exist, so you know what to work on. If you can decipher your date of birth you can receive so many answers to questions you have been asking yourself for Most of your life. Some people ask me why it’s hard to say NO when someone is asking them to do something? Others wonder why they feel drained all the time and get exhausted quickly? These and many other answers you will find from your date of birth.
You can book a coaching session during which I’ll give you a full birth-date analysis and quicky deep into your reoccurring patterns of behaviour. 

Together we can transform your life. Don’t you deserve more happiness, greater success and a better relationship with yourself and others?