When I start talking about cancer with those who know what it is and have been through it I often ask myself: ‘Who am I to talk about something I haven’t experienced?’

I’m outlining the way I see cancer and you will soon understand why it can be important to talk to somebody who is not a cancer patient. People who go through this journey all of a sudden find themselves trapped in that moment when they hear the verdict ‘You Have Cancer’ and I can be the person that gets you out of that trapped situation.

Listen to your body

With our generic understanding of cancer, we assign ourselves to a death sentence even if the type of cancer is not as progressive and the stage is not as terminal. It is our fight or flight response, and this is a normal reaction which has been a part of our ancient brain for thousands of years. However, you have your other brain which switches off that very moment when you hear the word ‘cancer’. This is called ‘a safe mode’ when your fear takes over and you start acting upon it instead of giving time to digest what you heard and take small steps towards your healthy recovery.

At this moment we forget that everything that is happening inside our body is the way our body speaks to us. Cancer is a stage when your body wants you to listen and to pay attention to what is going on in your head and in your life.

We are easily carried away by daily problems and boring routines and when we have physical pain, we hurry to suppress it with medication. Wait, why not ask yourself why am I having this pain? What is it that causes the pain? We suppress the pain until the day we are diagnosed with another physical condition, and then another and every time we stuff our body with different medications which will only numb the pain until one day when we hear CANCER we finally stop and decide to listen.

Cancer and your state of mind

It is unfortunate that humans have lost touch with their instincts and their body and turn to conventional medicine letting someone else take care of our body. We used to be hunters who could sense a storm or a bear. Our sense of smell has deteriorated as we are used to recognize safe food and keep away from poison. Now we wholly rely on doctors. When I speak to cancer patients, they usually don’t even have an idea about their latest test results and treatments they have been having. They trust with their lives thinking the doctors know best. However, doctors cannot look into your mind, your story, your pain, your emotions which predisposed to cancer. Doctors do not always know what is best for us.

Doctors will not look into your state of mind. While modern medicine views the body as a machine whose parts can sometimes break, alternative healers see things a bit differently.

Every person is different, and they have to take different paths in order to heal, that’s why it’s important to check in with your intuition. There were important discoveries about intuition and one of them proves that humans have two operating systems: system one which is controlled by the right part of the brain and by the limbic and reptilian parts is a quicker, more instinctive and more subconscious way of operating; whereas system two is a slower, more analytical and more conscious way controlled by the left side of the brain and neocortex.

Give your body a pause: Meditation for cancer patients

Meditation for cancer treatment can be very helpful when dealing with cancer. Meditations help with positive emotions, they stimulate happy hormones production. A professional can help you let go of any deep-seated emotions which have been suppressed for a long time. By learning a couple of emotional release techniques, you will be able to focus on positive aspects of your life while letting go negative emotions and events.

During your healing journey, instead of concentrating on the treatment, you will stay focused on your body and regular meditations are the best way to hold you on a right path and keep you focused.

Let’s take Breast Cancer as an example. Although not undisputed, there might be some truth to the theories of Doctor Hamer, a founder of German New Medicine. He describes that cancer on the left breast means problems between a mother and a child; cancer on the right side has everything to do with unresolved issues between other family members and close friends. When you dig deeper into his research it does make sense, left is where the heart is. However, not all of us, who used to have conventional medicine approach, would agree with his concept, but there is always a place for a thought.

I recorded a meditation which was inspired by Kelly Turner’s book ‘Radical Remission’. I was taken by different stories of cancer patients who were brave enough to say ‘no’ to conventional medicine. They turned to alternative ways going against their doctors and relatives by following their instinct. I advise you to read the book which will help you look at cancer differently and regain the connection you have lost. Please get in touch to book an individual session.