How to calculate Soul Number and Destiny Number


The Soul Number is the sum of the day of birth, obtained by summing it up.


For example, you were born on the 24th. This means that your Soul Number is 2+4 = 6. 

Another example – you were born on the 9th. This means that your Soul Number is 9.


The Destiny Number is the total sum of all those digits that make up the complete personal information about birth (day, month, year), up to one digit obtained by the simple addition method.

With a simple example, I will teach you how to calculate these numbers. For example, the date of birth is 16 November 1984 (16/11/1984): 

  • Soul number of this person – 1 + 7 = 8
  • Destiny Number – 1 + 6 + 1 + 1 + 1 + 9 + 8 + 4 = 31,

add up to one digit, and it turns out 3 + 1 = 4


Another example is the date of birth on 3 June, 1974 (03/06/1974): 

  • Soul Number – 3
  • Destiny Number – 0 + 3 + 0 + 6 + 1 + 9 + 7 + 4 = 30,

add up to one digit, and it turns out 3 + 0 = 3


If you were born from the 1st to the 9th day of any month, then you will show the qualities of this date the most. People with such a date (Soul Number) can be called pure “ones”, “twos”, “threes” and so on. 


If the date of birth is formed from two digits, then in order to determine the Soul Number, you will need to add the numbers together. Thus, the sum of the digits will be a base number from 1 to 9, but it will contain energy and those two numbers that make it up. The Soul Number, which by date of birth consists of two digits, will most likely only partially correspond to the description of a particular Soul Number. 


Sometimes it happens that the numbers that make up the date of birth affect a person more than the total Soul Number, especially when the number is double, as, for example, in the date 11 or 22. The same happens with dates that end in zero, as in dates 10, 20 or 30. These dates carry the energy of the main number and also zero, which is also a number. Zero in Vedic astrology means emptiness, limitation and loss. When “zero” is next to another number, then it decreases the positive manifestations of this number and increases the negative ones. 


To gain a deeper understanding of the influence and meaning of nine numbers, remember the dates of birth of 10-20 of your relatives, friends and colleagues and make a plate with their numbers of Soul and Destiny. When you read about a specific number, see if the characteristics of the number and the situation in the life of your friends really coincide. 


Compare people with the same numbers among themselves, is there really something in common between them? Numerology is a fascinating method of learning about the surrounding reality and people. After all, we attract into our life what is in ourselves!


What is Soul Number and Destiny Number?


According to Vedic numerology, the most important numbers in the life of every person are the Number of Soul and Destiny. They remain unchanged throughout life. Therefore, it is very important to know the energy of these numbers in order to understand yourself and that karma, or “baggage” with which you came into this life.


So what does Soul Number mean? 

The Soul Number is your birthday, or rather the sum of the numbers of your date of birth. Of course, it was not by chance that your soul chose to be born on this day. After all, the vibrations of this number will determine in what family you will be born, what your childhood will be, and those character traits that you will develop in the future. What will be your desires in material life and will there be aspirations for spiritual development. What kind of friend, husband, wife, colleague or boss you will be can also be determined by your Soul Number.

The Soul Number shows the influence on which a person’s life will be accentuated at the beginning of his journey, somewhere up to 36-40 years. If a person develops, works on himself, lives an intensive spiritual life, then by this age this figure weakens and the second figure “turns on”. We can say that the Soul Number is the first part of life, and the Destiny Number is the second.

The Soul Number is an experience that a person brought from past lives, both positive and negative. Often the first half of life is a struggle with those negative manifestations of the Soul Number that a person brought from previous incarnations. If a person copes well with the tasks set, then in the second half of his life he will be able to fully manifest all the positive aspects of the Number of Destiny.


The Soul Number is also how a person sees himself, his idea of ​​himself. The older a person becomes, the more people will see him as his second digit – the Destiny Number. At the same time, people often continue to see themselves as the first number – the Number of the Soul, since perhaps they have not yet felt the qualities of the Number of Destiny in themselves.


The Number of Destiny is the karmic task of a given incarnation of a person, something to which everyone must come, to which one must strive. The Destiny Number is usually “turned on” in the second half of life, after 36-40 years. Since a person gains experience during his life, develops, accordingly his character and fate should change with him. Therefore, there is a Destiny Number that guides a person to the goal for which he was born.

For people who are not engaged in self-development and remain, as it were, in place all their lives, the Destiny Number is only a dream, a karmic task that may remain unrealized in a person’s current life. He will have to be born again with the same number, but next time it will already be for them the Number of the Soul – the starting point from which they will begin their next life.

If a person develops, then by the second half of his life he will begin to feel not only internal changes, but also external ones. People will begin to see him more by his Destiny Number, and not the Soul Number.

Of course, the Soul Number never loses its significance. These are the qualities that lead a person to his Destiny Number, they, as a faithful friend, will accompany him through life. The task of a person is, through the experience of the Soul Number, to strive to understand those karmic tasks and life lessons, which we will talk about later in the book.

Identical Soul Number and Destiny Number indicate that a person did not understand and did not fulfil the karmic tasks of this number, and in the second half of his life he has 11 there is a chance to correct the situation and begin to correspond to those qualities and karmic tasks, which are indicated by his Soul and Destiny Number.


There are people who do not recognize themselves either in the Number of the Soul or in the Number of Destiny. This happens because, most likely, a person has not yet fully recognized himself, and he has a lot of work ahead of him to reveal his talents and character and find himself. In this case, the Number of Soul and Destiny is only an interpretation of the possibilities. And whether a person will use his abilities and whether he wants to see himself as he is, depends only on himself.

We live among people, each person has his own character and his karmic tasks. The numbers will help you understand who you are most comfortable with in a relationship, at work and in friendship.


(Translated from Russian to English, Excerpt from ‘Karmicheskiyi Kod Sudby’ by B. Sturite)