Weight Control

We can help you lose the excess weight that is causing you low self esteem and lack of confidence or visa versa.

Our therapy explores your attitude to food and discovers why you overeat or undernourish your body.

The result is a genuine desire to eat healthily and the reward of gaining the body you deserve.


I use numerology because numbers can say a lot about your personality, about your strong and weak sides and those, that don’t exist, so you know what to work on.

If you can decipher your date of birth you can receive so many answers to questions you have been asking yourself for most of your life.

Meditation for Cancer patients

Meditation can help you get back in touch with your body and understand better what is going on on the inside.

This is an important step in your healing process.

My mediations for cancer patients are focused on that.


Phobias often stem from childhood. We get to the root of your phobia by discovering what sparked your fear.

Once we know what has caused your phobia, we can help you to overcome it by using a coping strategy.


Anxiety can often be traced back to a traumatic experience in the past. Anxiety causes feelings of worry and panic which are heightened by physical symptoms including breathlessness, IBS and sweating.

Hypnotherapy removes triggers and eliminates your anxiety. We train your mind to stop worrying and you learn to expect positive outcomes.

I Am Enough

Self confidence is directly linked to success in life. Increasing your self confidence gives you a better chance of achieving your goals and forming better relationships.

Hypnotherapy can increase your self confidence. You will feel more confident immediately after the session.

Corporate Mental Health

Today we work and live at a frenetical pace. We notice more people giving up simply, because they can’t handle pressure they face everyday and because there is no time to eat what is good for you.

Once we learn how to handle stress and become emotionally intelligent, when we put our selves forward and eat mindfully, eat healthy, then we will see a different side to life and all what it has to offer.

Book a group meditation and/or a group lecture on importance of healthy and mindful eating and intermittent exercising during office hours. Let’s change they way you work and boost your body’s resources. Personal sessions are also available.

Individual Clinical Examination 

Using functional medicine approach the first session is minimum 2 hours and ihas a long list of questions about your lifestyle, family history and physical symptoms. Before i start looking at your health issues, I need to understand antecedents and triggers and then look at your physical health.

Clinical Body Examination provides a great picture of what is happening and helps understand your body’s needs.

After this extended ‘information gathering’ process both of us will sit down to have a conversation, and look for the most suitable solution to heal your sould and cure your body with functional nutrition and psychological support.