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    Individual 2 Hour Hypnotheraphy/RTT Session

    Individual 2 hours Hypnotherapy/Rapid Transformational Therapy session with a customised numerological personality analysis

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    Numerology Express

    One hour of Numerology experience to provide you with an additional tool which will help you to know yourself and others better. During this hour: – I will look and analyse 3 people of your choice; – explain meaning of each digit; – show you how to build a technical alignment (which is a core of a numerological analysis) for …

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    Meditation Package for Cancer

    This package is made for a minimum of 2 months of healing therapy and includes one RTT therapy session (2 hours); 3 personalised meditations/recordings (15-20min); a therapists’s psychological support throughout the treatment (via phone or email). Each recording will be adjusted to your current state at the moment of making it. It will help you release negative energy, let go …

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    Finding Your Purpose

    Do you feel unhappy with your job? Do you want to change what you do for living? Do you want to know what your real strengths? Do you want to discover what is your life purpose? I offer Individual coaching sessions based on a thorough analysis of your personality, finding your blocks and releasing them. I use numbers of your …

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    Weightloss Group Session (up to 5 ppl)

    In a group session everyone will have a chance to share emotions and feeling which come up during regression. I’ll have you revise all the scenes from the past, and then help you rewire your present, so you don’t feel connected to your old beliefs any longer.

    You will be given a recording which will be your meditation tape for the …

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    Slim & Healthy Package

    2 months package is made for those who is struggling to get and stay slim and healthy. It is also effective if you suffer from bulimia, body dysmorphia, binge eating, orthorexia. The package includes 3 RTT sessions and regular coaching calls for support and guidance. The sessions will help you discover your emotional cause for gaining weight and will rewire …

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    Lady’s Cash Game

    Lady’s Cash is a Monopoly inspired game which lasts for 3 hours with only 6 participants. The game helps you look into your behavioural and thought patterns, which stop you to achieve what you want. During the game a leader will point out at the patterns which you posses and help you to release them through observation and psychological analysis.

    Only …

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    One Hour Group Meditation

    A one hour group meditation

    Only available on Tuesday and Friday