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"I did Eat Healthy Eat Less course and was amazed by the results. Not only did my appetite reduce but my alcohol intake went down 😬 during this lockdown, too much to drink corona days. I just didn’t feel like drinking after listening to a third day of this marathon, so it was super beneficial for me. I used Gulmira before and although was sceptical in the beginning, noticed improvements after few sessions so was glad to try her marathon and see yet another, even if unexpected result, of Drinking Less and Staying Healthy!"
Eat Less Eat Healthy challenge participant
“Gulmira is an amazing and genuine soul. She’s extremely personable, kind & compassionate and her natural inclination to help others in difficulty becomes apparent within moments of speaking to her…
"Gulmira’s meditations are extremely helpful and i am amazed how powerful they are. I did participated in Eat Less Eat Healthy challenge and experienced almost immediate effect. Would definitely recommend to everyone who want to reduce sugar and unhealthy food consumption!"
Makhzuma Alieva
Eat Less Eat Healthy challenge participant
"Дорогая Гульмира! Спасибо огромное за марафон , я так себя хорошо чувствую , столько энергии. Уже второй месяц без сахара , глбтэна и почти без молочки . Я сильно не похудела но заметно стала лучше спать , больше энергии ! Отличная техника , у тебя такой добрый голос - ни в чем себе не надо отказывать . Просто меньше есть хочется."

(English translation: Dear Gulmira! Thank you so much for the challenge. I feel so good and have so much more energy after two months without sugar, gluten and almost without milk. I didn’t lose much weight, but I noticeably began to sleep better and have more energy! Excellent technique, you have such a kind voice – do not think less of yourself! I just want to eat less.)
Eat Less Eat Healthy challenge participant
"My experience with Gulmira has been exceptional and transformative. Through her words I’ve learned new ways to manage the stressful moments of each day and pursue my dreams. In a very short time i have been able to develop new habits and utilize them continually. Rapid Transformational Therapy has changed my life. Thank you Gulmira!"
Charlotte Meyer
Powowmind Client
“Dear Gulmira, I just want to thank you for 21 day ‘Eat Less. Eat Healthy’ challenge. I really didn’t know a constant flow of information can reflect on my eating habits. With your meditation and new info about different foods I look at it differently now and don’t get crazy about chocolate and croissants. I didn’t lose weight because I am not an overweight girl, but I definitely changed my eating habits. Thank you again for your mission."
Participant in the 21-day-challenge
“Thank you so much for Eat Less. Eat Healthy 21 Day Challenge! I have learnt so much and have discovered how to gain control over my weight and overall health to make simple choices concerning what to eat. Now I’m eating guilt-free! This is the first time I have a whole new relationship with food. I feel so much more energised. I know I will use this incredible knowledgeable information on a daily bases and also will impart to my family and friends.’"
Participant in the 21-day-challenge
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Testimonial on Google Reviews that reads: "10 years ago I lost one eye in an accident and since then 3-4 times a week I have experienced nightmares in my sleep. I was advised to use RTT and was referred to Gulmira from Powowmind. One session of RTT over Skype was enough to get my sleep back. I am still listening to a bespoke recording I was given and can confirm my nightmares are far gone, but the recording helps me fall asleep quicker. Thank you so much for helping me get my life back."
“Oh my God! Thank you so much I lost 7kg during these 21 days only by listening to your recording twice a day. The best part is i really feel that my stomach is the size of my fist” ✊🏻✊🏻✊🏻 💃🏽💃🏽💃🏽
Participant in the 21-day-challenge
"Incredible! Gulmira has created a really solid practice that leaves no stone unturned. Combining a one to one treatment with a personalised tape to listen to daily really helps solidify the new belief structures we developed. Part of me was avoiding growth in certain areas due to a fear of judgement picked up from school, but now I can feel a new found confidence growing in its place."
PowowMind Client
"I purchased Slim & Healthy package from powowmind shop after trying all diets I could possible find. The 3 sessions in the package are invaluable if you want to get rid of layers of fat forever. I had so many hidden subconscious issues that diets couldn’t fix for sure. It was the wisest decision I have ever made when I invested a grand into my mental and physical health. I couldn’t have lost 21lbs without such incredible support from Gulmira. Thank you for your passion and your great work."
Slim & Healthy Customer
Testimonial on Google Reviews that reads: "Thank you so much Gulmira for sharing with us by such a unique technic of therapy. After session and seminar with you life is more positive and colorful again. I realized how deep the roots of the problem could be and with your guide and help it is realistic to clear up the mind and remove the all suffer from "Jungles" of unconscious. Thank you for your knowledge and wonderful work❤️"
Many of us take hypnosis as something not grounded and not as effective as conventional medicine. I was amazed how my kid was transformed after one session. Since she was two years old she could not stand unflavoured water, she simply hated it. For the last 9 years, she has drunk only flavoured water, until the hypnotherapy session. Now she drinks 3-4 glasses of unflavoured water a day without complaining. I don’t know what’s happened in her brain, but it worked!
Powowmind Client
Testimonial on Google Reviews that reads: "Gulmira is a naturally born therapist with her great ability to connect and calming confident voice as well as a unique technique of getting to the core of the persons problems in the shortest amount of time its a real jewel to come across. I only attended a group session with Gulmira to already feel that I discovered my deeper issues and feel empowered with her teaching techniques to help myself further. Although I do feel that if at some stage when I get stuck I now have this great person who will definetly be able to get me out of any dark. I would recommend Gulmira to anyone who is looking for a deaper reasons for their problems and is prepared to resolve them."
"Everytime my daughter had to go through a vaccination I had a nervous breakdown. After one session of RTT she changed completely. Now she is over the fear of needles and reminds me when her next vaccination is. Thank you."
Powowmind Client
"I have felt over responsible most of my life for people who I don’t even know. I don’t know how, but in one session Gulmira found a reason, which obviously was in my past, and now I feel relaxed and prioritise myself and my family. Thank you! You changed my life!"
Powowmind Client
What can be more effective than this? My fear of animals has gone after one session and one week of listening to the cure! Now I can get myself a big dog. Thank you.
Powowmind Client