There are many different reasons for adult obesity. It is a sign of social prestige in some cultures, in which a child is overfed to make it fat. It usually happens not because a fat baby is a healthy baby, but because it is highly respected and a symbol for wealth. It can also be related to a profession which is the number one cause of obesity: the more monotonous the work is, the more food is consumed by those who lead a dull life. Another reason could be an inferiority complex of the partner. In this case, women stay obese because their partners prefer them this way thinking ‘the bigger my wife is, the less attractive she is in a slim-oriented society.’

Most of the world’s population is obsessed with weight, but how many of us know what is behind these extra pounds that have been piling on different parts of our bodies for years? Can you be both, obese and healthy? The answer is NO. According to multiple studies obesity is more damaging to your health than smoking, alcoholism or poverty. Health problems resulting from obesity can affect your cardiovascular, endocrine, gastrointestinal, neurological and respiratory systems and cause reproductive dysfunction. It also can cause cancer, as well as affect mental health or cause rheumatological, genital and urinary problems.

There are many causes for obesity. In spite of the fact that there may or may not be a specific “obesity gene”, the tendency to be overweight is definitely inherited. Nonetheless, even high-risk individuals can avoid obesity by introducing a balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle, which suggests you avoid eating processed foods and sugar. This is a big step towards shedding extra pounds and gaining your health back.

Women holding a measuring tape around her body.

Women holding a measuring tape around her body. (Photo by Bill Oxford on Unsplash)

Different types of weight loss diets

Some diets aim to reduce your appetite which will subsequently reduce your food consumption, other diets advice to restrict your calorie intake and carbs or fats. However, all diets have their pros and cons and it’s not easy to find the one that suits you, unless you make it your way.

Once and for all, there is no diet which will always work with a permanent result, there is no magic pill which can fix it all straight away, there is just you and your mind. If you don’t train your mind to stay put, organised and motivated, you will always be up and down in your run for the perfect weight. By changing the way you think, you are changing the way you eat and Powowmind  can help you losing weight without a diet or exercise or we can get you a hypnotic gastric band surgery.

Female feet on a scale.

Female feet on a scale. (Photo by i yunmai on Unsplash)

How the mind can help

The healthiest lifestyle, as you know, includes a balanced diet with regular exercise and stress reduction. It is hard to imagine at first how you can maintain this balance, but once you set your mind to it, you will notice how this new way of living is slowly becoming the only way. With adopting new beliefs about the food you eat and the things you do, your weight will subsequently reduce without ever coming back if you maintain your new, healthy mindset.

The best diet for weight loss is to nourish your mind, to limit the entrance of toxic thoughts and artificially created truth about a quick way to get rid of extra pounds quickly. Our mind needs time and patience to give you the body you want or once had. If your love and affection for yourself is deep and permanent, your weight will also be stable and consistent.

Hand squeezing a lemon to make a green smoothie.

Hand squeezing a lemon to make a green smoothie. (Photo by Jan Sedivy on Unsplash)

How Powowmind can help

If you decided to change your life for good and detox your mind as well as your body, Clinical Hypnotherapy will help you learn how to control your mind and stop craving thoughts; Functional Nutrition will help your body recover from years of bad eating habits. Both combined is a perfect solution to make your journey more enjoyable and easier.

During a hypnotherapy session I will help you dig deeper, find a core and a reason why your body decided to build a thicker layer of fat. Whether it is a protection from a physical abuse, or a shield to hide you from a public eye because someone called you ugly,  you will have to withdraw that memory, reframe it and let it go. Your body will never be able to shed those extra pounds, unless your mind feels safe.

To help you get your eating habits into a healthier routine, Powowmind is introducing the 21-day-challenge. For 21 consecutive days, you will get a video that contains advice on healthier eating habits and meditation to get your mind in the right state. The series will be split into 3 sections: