Gastric band surgery via hypnosis is a real thing and it works if you believe in a phenomenal force inside you which makes any wish come true. Have you noticed how easily your stomach can stretch when you want to eat that extra piece of a chocolate brownie? The same way it can easily shrink if you convince yourself that your stomach is as small as your fist. During this surgery suggestions are introduced, and the patient’s imagination is used extensively.

At moments when we are emotionally drained, we can fit enormous amounts of food in our bellies. By performing a visual gastric band surgery under hypnosis, you go through experience of the surgery from A to Z and after a session you feel like it really happened. Some patients even feel sensitivity around their gastric area.

Follow up sessions after hypnosis?

As after any surgery you are given supplements or medications, after hypnotic gastric band surgery, you are given a recording which will help you adjust to the new size of your stomach. So you train your mind and introduce a solid rule not to eat a bigger portion or not to eat after a certain time of the day,  it will be hard for you to cross this line if you listen to the recording once or twice a day for 3-5 weeks.

When we were born, a healthy attitude towards food was embedded into us. Growing up, we could easily refuse that extra spoon of mash or even a dessert.  Sweet and fattening breast milk was the only food we ate, therefore we tend to break rules when it comes to sweet and fatty snacks. However, our brain remembers that healthy attitude to food we were born with and in a gastric band recording it is present to help you easily control the amount of food you consume to lose the pounds you want to lose.

Hypnotic Gastric Band Surgery

During RTT session I perform a hypnotic gastric band surgery, taking you step by step through the whole procedure.  I am also helping you to restore and rebuild the power you owned before: by taking you back to the time, when your stomach was smaller and you could easily, naturally and automatically say NO to any food when you felt full and had enough. Through a regular listening to a recording you feel how your stomach shrinks, sensitivity around the gastric area disappears eventually and you visualise clearly how tiny your stomach becomes.  Eventually you’ll notice how easily you leave food on a plate, how slowly you chew and how fast your feeling of hunger is satisfied.

There is nothing better than a quick and painless recovery after a surgery with positive and long-lasting results.

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