We are very proud of you: You’ve made it to week 3 of the 21-day-challenge! Keep it up!

In week 1 you heard about sugar and its effects on the body, week 2 was dedicated to the health impact of gluten. Over the next 7 days, you will now learn about dairy products or more specifically lactose, why you should reduce them in your diet and how to do so. Let’s dive right in!

Day 15: Your body is not made to digest lactose

Lactose is not suggested for your body. Did you know that 75%of the world population suffer from lactose intolerance? This happens due to a lack of an enzyme called Lactase, which helps digesting the lactose found in dairy products. All infants are able to digest milk, but between the ages 3 and 7, infants lose their lactase enzyme, and this is when we need to stop consuming milk.

Day 16: When you drink milk, you drink PUS

Pus is a protein-rich fluid that the body builds to respond to infection. Have you ever read about how many pus cells a millilitre of cow’s milk has? No? Watch this video to find out how many pus cells you consume when drinking milk.

Day 17: Food addiction = drug addiction

By the end of the challenge, you will notice when you want to eat something nasty the wrong image will pop up and the information I have been giving you will surface. You won’t feel any desire to eat the wrong food anymore and that will be the end of your addiction, the end of binge eating and the end of control you have been under all these years.

Day 18: Acne? Cut down on dairy!

Dairy contains casein, which increases the risk of food allergy and sensitivity, even when the milk is pasteurised or homogenised. Also, dairy provokes acne, due to casein which triggers insulin to out of proportion to the sugar content. Keep in mind, if you wonder where your acne comes from try to eliminate dairy for a month or so and see how your skin behaves.

Day 19: Trust your body. Follow your intuition.

When you decide to make a sacrifice and give up on a product, observe how your body thanks you for this and how it expresses its gratitude. Learn to hear what your body is saying, build communication with your body, trust your instinct.

Day 20: Dairy promotes cancer

In the Encyclopedia of Natural Medicine it states that ‘Women who consumed the highest amount of lactose (1 or more servings of dairy per day) had a 44% greater risk for all types of invasive ovarian cancer compared to those who ate less than 3 servings monthly. Men who consume 2.5 servings a day of dairy products had a 50% increased risk of prostate cancer.

Day 21: Emotional hunger vs. physical hunger

Remember, the feeling of hunger you experience is not always physical. Sometimes it is emotional and we need to feed ourselves with words of love and praise in order to fulfil our emotional needs. Food will not give you that pleasure you look for, it is only a temporary solution to your emotional needs, fall in love with yourself and praise yourself everyday, especially when you feel like eating something nasty.