Hello and welcome to the 21 day EAT LESS EAT HEALTHY challenge after which you will be able to freely, naturally and automatically to say no to the foods you have been addicted to by using some of our proven RTT techniques and we are starting this week with sugar.

If you prefer to cut the introduction, feel free to head directly to the videos on the Powomind YouTube channel.

The Powowmind 21-day-challenge

The first 7 days of the challenge will cover sugar and its poisonous effect on your body. By the end of Week 1 you will feel either resistance or indifference towards sugar. 

Week 2 will cover gluten and sugar combined, it will also help you to seal a new and an off putting image of sugar.

Week 3 will help you turn your love for dairy into indifference, or at least you will notice how easily you can replace dairy with non dairy products or simply consume less dairy.

Just 21 days to change your life!

Let’s get started

Don’t wait, don’t hesitate, the time is now! It is never too late to show gratitude to your body, to yourself, to show how much you love yourself, how much you care about what you eat. Your body will change and it will show its gratitude back to you when you demonstrate your real potential, your real desire to gain control over the foods you eat. Let’s move on to the challenge and waste no time.

Day 1: 20 years of sweet treats

You might have heard that sugar has the nickname “White Death”. There are many reasons why sugar is bad for you and we won’t be listing all of them, but we look at some of them in more detail during the 21-day-challenge. Watch the first video to learn about snacks that no animal would touch. Why would you?

Then make yourself comfortable and enjoy a meditation to get you in the right mindset for the challenge.


Day 2: The effects of sugar on your body

“We’re hardwired to love sweet things, but too much sugar is leading to an increase in type 2 diabetes. Here’s what individuals and policymakers can do cut our collective sugar intake.” (James Muecke, University of Adelaide)

In yesterday’s video, we heard that sugar is also referred to as “the White Death” and today we’ll hear about the reasons. Watch the video to see how it can affect your liver, your kidneys and your overall health and also get your daily meditation.

Day 3: Subconscious is a key tool to stop binging.

It is not enough to understand how harmful sugar is for your body. Until it is embedded to your subconscious mind you will keep binging.

Day 4: Our mind is wired to bring us back to sugar.

Many years ago honey was the only sweet snack tribal people could find, and it was not easy. They kept going back for honey, binging on it until it was gone. By then our mind had been wired already and a habit was developed to eat sweets as in our mind it might finish one day.

Day 5: Different names of sugar.

Sugar has different names and Lactose is one of them. When buying a product look at the ingredients, simply because you should know what you eat!

If you have been watching the video attentively, you know now that there are other words for sugar such as fructose, glucose and maltose. Watch out for these too before you eat processed foods.

Day 6: Sugar is an IBS trigger.

Did you know that the reason for an increased level of IBS (irritable bowel syndrome) cases around the world is high consumption of refined sugar? Here is how it affects your digestive system.

Day 7: Don’t let the food you eat take control over you.

In order to change a habit of action, we need to change a habit of thinking, therefore knowing what you want is very important when you are ready to rewire your brain for a new and healthy habit. This is the last video in week 1 of the 21-day challenge. You made a very good decision to start this journey, don’t give up now. Your mind will need at least 21 days to get into your new, healthy habits.

You have now completed the first week of the 21-day challenge and you learned a lot about sugar. Did you see a difference?

Next up for week 2: Gluten and its effects on the body.